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Court Marriage

Court Marriage In Jaipur

Court Marriage In Jaipur, Marriages in India are registered under two different registration acts; first is Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 and other is the Special Marriage Act, 1945. A marriage certificate is proof of registration of any marriage which can be obtained from respective marriage registration offices of the place.   Marriage registration proves that you are legally married to someone, and the marriage certificate will be needed in the various legal procedures like obtaining a passport, changing maiden name, etc. The Supreme Court has directed that the marriages must be registered to consider them legitimate respective of the caste, creed or religion.

What are the benefits of marriage registration?

  • Certificate of marriage registration is helpful in getting the visa for the wife/husband. Foreign countries do not recognize ceremonial marriages they require a proof of marriage for the visa process
  • Certificate of marriage provides valuable evidence of marriage, in legal disputes between husband and wife like divorce, dowry, maintenance and other cases. It can be used as proof of marriage.
  • It will be useful while claiming for the Bank deposits, life insurance, etc.
  • The marriage certificate ensures that the bride and groom are of legal age for marriage
  • Certificate of marriage can work as a legal proof while obtaining passport and other primary documents
  • It also helps while applying for loan
  • Availing Tax exemptions, Medical reimbursement, housing and employment benefits
  • The certificate helps one to Receive social security, Medicare and disability benefits from the government
  • With the marriage certificate the process of spouse’s property inheritance in case of death get easy and clear

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How to obtain a marriage certificate?

Marriage certificate can be obtained under the two ways

By registering the Marriage which has already been solemnized

In this way, the bride and groom get married according to the culture/vidhi of respective religion and then they apply for the marriage registration to get the marriage certificate 

By Solemnization of marriage under special Marriage Act

In this way, marriage is registered directly in the court which is known as the registered marriage. For this, they have to apply for the registration date and have to present before the court on the given date for the registration of marriage.

Court Marriage In Jaipur.

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